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The assigned material for the 'led by process' brief this piece was designed for was sheet metal. I began the design process by looking into various different ways of joining metal sheets together, which in turn lead me to look at how seams are used in trades like roofing, and how they join sheet metal, without any adhesives, or welding. The idea and aim of the end product were to embrace the qualities of the core material, creating something useful as an end result.


With this in mind, I designed and made a prototype of an aluminium, flat-pack trestle.
At the top of both leg parts, there is a 25mm round bend that with the help of friction, creates a seam that holds the legs in together, stable and in an angle.

Along the leg, there’s another bend to create a strong structure that can take the weight.

The trestle has powder coat finish and the bottom of the legs are treated with liquidised nylon to get rid of the sharpness, and also to ensure that the bottom of the legs is durable, hardwearing and won’t slip on the surface.

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