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Anton Mikkonen is Furniture & Product design BA graduate, from The Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design (London Metropolitan University). Originally from Finland, a modest lifestyle full of nature has ingrained key values that inspire his design. The core of his work lies within simplistic yet functional design that aims to bring more aesthetical pleasure to our daily lives.
  He has a hands-on approach to the design process, and curiosity in experimenting with a diverse range of materials, techniques, and methods, in both, design and making.



Portfolio of Work


The Udon Stool is made from of solid ash wood has a unique and beautifully executed aesthetics reached by 2D CNC machine. The clever use of the router bit achieves the distinctive shape of both the seat and the legs. The Udon stool is constructed from five pieces altogether and all parts and joints are cut out with a CNC machine resulting in a highly efficient manufacturing process. The Udon Stool aims to create a sense playfulness through the use of traditional material, solid ash wood and modern manufacturing.


The assigned material for the 'led by process' brief this piece was designed for was sheet metal. I began the design process by looking into various different ways of joining metal sheets together, which in turn lead me to look at how seams are used in trades like roofing, and how they join sheet metal, without any adhesives, or welding. The idea and aim of the end product was to embrace the qualities of the core material, creating something useful as an end result. With this in mind I designed and made a prototype of an aluminum, flat pack trestle. At the top of both leg parts there is a 25mm round bend that with the help of friction, creates a seam that holds the legs in together, stable and in an angle. Along the leg there’s another bend to create a strong structure that can take weight. The trestle has powder coat finish and the bottom of the legs are treated with liquidised nylon to get rid of the sharpness, and also to ensure that the bottom of the legs is durable, hard wearing and won’t slip on surface.


Freestanding, tilting lighting design, with powder coat finish.


Luotta is a slip casted porcelain set that draws its inspiration from onion skins. At a glance each pieceappears almost identical, but a closer look reveals each ‘layers’ own imperfect uniqueness, true tothe natural onion form.


Taive is a collection of candle shades that aspires to embody reflection in its simplest form. The free-
standing design allows for movement and therefore personalisation of the light reflections,
providing light in a playful way.


Ripple is a display sideboard made from solid ash wood. The Ripple aims to consider our urge to store and hide objects we own. Ripple encourages us to have less and to be at peace with stored objects, through its light and open design. The profile of the wooden slats enables them to move and slide around all sides of the sideboard. When the slats are right next to one another, they create a sense of continuity as the grain matches, creating ‘one’ front door.